digiKam and Kipi-plugins 1.9.0 released...

Dear all digiKam fans and users!

digiKam team is proud to announce digiKam and Kipi-plugins 1.9.0 release!


digiKam tarball can be downloaded from SourceForge at this url

kipi-plugins tarball can be downloaded from SourceForge at this url

See below the list of bugs-fixes coming with this release.

Enjoy digiKam...


001 ==> 264181 : png-1.5 compatibility fix.
002 ==> 263697 : digiKam 1.8.0 (svn) crashes on startup most times.
003 ==> 237492 : Grayscale TIFF display broken.
004 ==> 263786 : digikam 1.7.0 crashes on startup.
005 ==> 228531 : Inconsistant use of preview zoom-in function key-strokes.
006 ==> 233612 : The DocumentName tag is not added when importing.
007 ==> 246778 : Disable folder collapsing under certain circumstances.
008 ==> 264363 : Image editor always crashes when triggering Colour Auto-Correction.
009 ==> 234021 : digiKam crash on loading.
010 ==> 264999 : Exif-dates not recognices OK.
011 ==> 264745 : When adding new tag to multiple images, tags not in common are removed from metadata, though still present in database.
012 ==> 173901 : digiKam contains a convience copy of cimg code.
013 ==> 264208 : Underexposure indicator should always work in "pure color" mode.
014 ==> 264769 : digiKam crash on startup.
015 ==> 264830 : Raw importer broken. Not possible to revert changes.
016 ==> 103371 : Only one digikam instance should run on the same image library path.
017 ==> 265445 : digikam-1.8.0 fails to build against kde-4.6.x/gcc-4.6.
018 ==> 264631 : Deleteing last TAG on a picture does actually not remove the tag within the exif metadata.
019 ==> 195648 : Quickfilter by tags: Exclude tags.
020 ==> 265641 : digiKam crash at startup.
021 ==> 264184 : png-1.5 compatibility fix.
022 ==> 264655 : ksnapshot is crashing on "send to".
023 ==> 243908 : Coordinates do not get retrieved.
024 ==> 181319 : Provide a batch tool to add geolocation coordinates to a complete album.
025 ==> 266771 : Unable to get GPS coordinates from map with Geolocation function of digiKam.


first I must say thank you for this great programme. Since this is 1.9 will the next be 2.0? When will that be? I cant wait for Face recognition.


release plan is here...


Windows build

Any idea when next stable windows build be out ?

ask to KDE windows team...

ask to KDE windows team for kde windows installer version.

Gilles Caulier

So there will be no

So there will be no WinInstaller from your site, Gilles? I liked it very much, because it just install what is needed for digiKam. Hope the KDE win installer will be updated in the near future. It's a pity that this excellent software is not yet available on windows in it's full functionality.

Anyway, thank you very much for your great work. I really love the software.


make NSIS installer take a while.

In fact i use my KDE windows installation from my laptop to make NSIS installer.

Currently, I updated my KDE windows to last stable, and all is broken...

Gilles Caulier

Crash on Startup

Thank you! I moved up to 1.8 early because 1.7 was crashing on start up...yeah that didn't help. I am happy to see so many crash on start up bugs fixed. Looking forward to downloading 1.9!

Is this the last version

Is this the last version before 2.0?


... It's last 1.x version. We are focused to 2.0 now.

Gilles Caulier

Installing digiKam 1.9 In Ubuntu 10.10

Look here : http://www.mohamedmalik.com/?p=883