Getting Help

New to digikam ? Needs some help ?

First, read carefully the digikam documentation.
It's actively maintained and you should find most of what you need there.

Then, if you still have questions, you should have a look in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

If you can't find an answer to your question, feel free to subscribe to the digikam mailing list to get support.
If you think it's a bug, you can report it to B.K.O (, see below.

Reporting bugs and wishes

Please use the KDE bug tracking system for all bugreports and new feature wishlists. Take a care to use the right component to post a new file at the right place. You can checkout the current bugreports and wishlists at these urls:

digiKam use external libraries to manage metadata (Exiv2) and digital camera (GPhoto). Please use links listed below to reports specifics bugs relevant of these libraries:

Mailing list Subscribtion

Thanks to Gmane, this mailing list is accessible with news interface (NNTP protocol) as well. Gmane not only provides a two way mail to news interface, but let you read (browse and search) the mail archives with Web interface.