Hey: this digikam is just fantastic! How could I ever organize my photos in the old days (some weeks ago) when I still had to work on win and had only photoshop and a file-maker database, where I had to write all the scripts on my own...? You've got a fan with me :-))

Daniel Bauer, photographer from Basel, Switzerland from digiKam user mailing list.

I'm surprised I got the black and white photos look almost like film texture-wise, a process I couldn't do before with conventional Levels, Curves and Saturation adjustments in Photoshop or Gimp. I am getting more and more impressed with the power digiKam's editing tools
have! I don't think I would be needing GIMP for photos anymore.

From Joon Guillen blog's a digiKam user from Hong Kong.

digiKam is great! Just thought I'd thank you and your team for great program. I have been using it to organize my photos since starting to use my Powershot camera and now have nearly 25000 photos neatly arranged. thanks to your program. digiKam has been working nicely through different versions with minor bugs now and then. Keep up the good work and thanks for making it open source.

From a private mail sent in April 2008 to Gilles Caulier by a digiKam user.

I am using digiKam since version 0.6.0, and i am more and more amazed of it. Thats just all i want to tell you. I am a professional C++ programmer, and my judgment is: excellent, really, really excellent work! I thank you and the team very much. "Chapeau!"

From a private mail sent in April 2008 to Gilles Caulier by Edgar Hermanns.

For my picture albums I use digikam, and I always install the kipi-plugins, that allow me to do batch resizing and other fun stuff with my pictures. digiKam is quickly growing into a respectable application, that rivals paid alternatives...

From Rui Pires blog's a digiKam user from Lisbon, Portugal.

I fell in love with panorama photography... Creating, editing and storing high resolution panoramas is not an easy task because they can reach great file sizes very easily, and most programs are optimised to work only for what most people use them for - small photos. Luckily I found digiKam, it stores my growing collection in an intuitive manner, and I can access my panoramas quickly and easily. Showfoto, digiKam's image editor, lets me do crucial global adjustments (white balance, curves, etc) to my panoramas in 48bpp mode, which guarantees smooth skies and plenty of space for maneuver, and then I can export to Gimp (which currently only supports 24bpp images) to do reprojection, tripod removal and local corrections. My digiKam typically handles 15 000 x 7 500 px panoramas at 48bpp, but I can also easily cross the 1 gigapixel barrier.

From a private mail sent in Mai 2008 to Gilles Caulier by Maciek Dworak, a digiKam user from Poland.

The FOSS world offers an abundance of excellent digital image-editing applications. Here is a sampling of my favorites: digiKam is an awesome all-in-one photo archiving and management, editing, and printing application. It's not an advanced editor like Gimp and Krita, but its feature set is comprehensive enough that you won't need Gimp or Krita for every editing job. It includes dcraw for high-quality RAW file manipulation, all kinds of handy batch processes, tags for organizing vast quantities of photos, and a super-nice composition and cropping editor.

From Carla Schroder web paper named Professional-Level Photography With Linux, And Nobody Goes To Jail.

I run SUSE Linux and have since 2004. One of the aps that come with my distro is Digikam; which is a photo organiser and a fairly powerful image editor; and integrates with flickr. I like that-it simplifies things greatly. Another feature integrated with Digikam is Simpleviewer, which generates Flash photo galleries. You can caption photos with Digikam; and use Simpleviewer to generate a gallery.

From Otto Yamamoto blog's a digiKam user from New York, USA.

After a lot of research I chose digiKam which is amazing. It allows you to import images, organize them in a database, tag, comment, rate and all the rest of that stuff. It also comes with an image editor which supports 16 bits. You also get a slide show feature and a very handy Light table. Colors profiling and calibration are also supported and integrated in digiKam.

From Paul Indigo blog's a photographer from UK.

Honestly, I do not see the need for Windows these days. I have even stopped using Picasa because digiKam is so amazing - it has automatic DSLR lens correction built in! So unless anybody can give me a damn solid reason for Windows 7, I’m going to keep using my combination of Linux (for the most part) and the Mac (for my mobile computing) and will keep recommending that combination to everyone I meet.

From Carl blog's a digiKam user.

I thought I'd drop you a note to thank you for your work on digiKam. My wife has been using digiKam for over 4 years now (under Gnome). We just upgraded her system to Ubuntu 10.4 and she *really* likes some of
the new features. You've made her very happy (and thus me too).

Mark Elendt, from digiKam user mailing list.

At the moment, I am investing a good bit of energy into learning my way around Arch Linux, and digiKam is probably my favorite piece of software ever. I am investing a lot of energy into learning to be a good photographer, and Digikam is my digital photo workhorse. It's an amazing piece of work that keeps getting better.

From Carla Schroder article's, writer at linuxpromagazine.com.