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digiKam 0.9.4-beta1 release

by gerhard

Dear all digiKam fans and users!

The digiKam development team is happy to release 0.9.4-beta1. The digiKam tarball can be downloaded from SourceForge as well.

Note! This release works only with the latest libkdcraw and libkexiv2. You either have to compile them freshly from svn or wait a few days until the tarballs become available.


General :
1. Color theme scheme are pervasively applied in graphical interfaces, giving digiKam a real Pro-look when dark schemes are selected.
1a. Color theme scheme can be changed from either Editor or LightTable.
2. Updated internal CImg library to last stable 1.2.7 (released on 2008/01/23).
3. Add capability to display items count in all Album, Date, Tags, and Tags Filter folder views. The number of items contained in virtual or physical albums can be displayed next to its name. If a tree branch is collapsed, parent views sum-up the number of items from all undisplayed children views. Items count is performed in background by digiKam KIO-Slaves.
A new option from Setup/Album dialog page can toggle on/off this feature.

AlbumGUI :
4. Add a new tool to perform Date search around whole albums collection: Time-Line.
Timeline is a new left sidebar tab. It's a great tool complementary to the calendar. Try it out!
5. In Calendar View, selecting Year album shows all images of the full year.
6. New status-bar indicator to report album icon view filtering status.

digiKam BUGFIXES FROM KDE BUGZILLA (alias B.K.O | http://bugs.kde.org):

001 ==> 96388 : Show number of images in the album.
002 ==> 155271 : Configure suggests wrong parameter for libjasper.
003 ==> 155105 : Broken png image present in albums folder causes digikam to crash when starting.
004 ==> 146760 : Providing a Timeline-View for quickly narrowing down the date of photos.
005 ==> 146635 : Ratio crop doesn't remember orientation.
006 ==> 144337 : There should be no "empty folders".
007 ==> 128293 : Aspect ratio crop does not respect aspect ratio.
008 ==> 157149 : digiKam crash at startup.
009 ==> 141037 : Search using Tag Name does not work
010 ==> 158174 : Precise aspect ratio crop feature
011 ==> 142055 : Which whitebalance is used
012 ==> 158558 : Delete Function in Tag Filters panel needs to make sure that the tag is unselected when the tag is deleted.
013 ==> 120309 : Change screen backgroundcolor of image tools.
014 ==> 153775 : Download from camera: Renaming because of already existing file does not work.
015 ==> 154346 : Can't rename in digiKam.
016 ==> 154625 : Image-files are not renamed before they are saved to disk.
017 ==> 154746 : Album selection window's size is wrong.